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  Xinhua Group owns the technology of visualized image configuration software, core technology of designing and producing various hardware and many projects experiences. We can provide each customer with a unique and professional solution, along with professional services.
  Our service tenet is: At the Customers¨ Back and Call. We will response to your services requirements within 8 hours and arrive at field within 24 hours. We serve you with our all zealousness. We are convinced you will fully satisfy with our products, as well as our pre-sales and after-sales services.
Main Application Scope of TiSNet Control System
How come TisNet-P600 could be considered reliable?
Compared with DCS and PLC, what's the edge of TiSNet control system?
What is the positioning of TiSNet control system?
  Founded in May,1994, Shanghai Xinhua Sanxi Educational Information Consulting Co., Ltd, is a high & new technology enterprise in Shanghai. As a technology training center affiliated to Shanghai ...
Company Introduction
Xinhua XDC800 Control System
XHMNS low-voltage withdrawable switch cabinet
  Please fill up your personal information faithfully so that we can respond to your questions or mail to you the materials you need. We remain at your disposal for any further information or help.

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