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  Generally speaking, paper making industry crafts can be divided into pulping process, paper-making process and alkali recycling process. Xinhua distributed control system is used widely in the three processes.
  The optimized auto-control solution for paper making industry recommended by Xinhua Group is a system capable of monitoring the workshop DCS. Moreover, it is a comprehensive information control system integrating central dispatching room and enterprise¨s information management. 
  The DCS control system helps to realizes data collecting, control computing, continuous control, motor control, logic control, sequence control, equipment running status monitoring, alarm device monitoring, remote communicating, real-time data processing and displaying, historical data management, log noting, accident sequence identification, accident recalling, diagram demonstrating, report forms printing and so on during the process control. DCS system covers the systems of pulping process control system, paper making process control system, alkali recycling process control system, and sewage disposing process control system.
  There equipped a dispatching station and a printer in the central dispatching room where data from different workshop can be uploaded through the network. Dispatchers can watch production conditions and data of all the workshops in the central dispatching room in order to dispatch timely and efficiently.
  Information managing system can collect the real-time date of production process and non-producing information and upload them to the network servers. We have quick access to related information at any time through authorization and terminal. Thus, comprehensive management, dispatching, and statistical decision can be achieved. Through visiting internet, we have access to the information within our own privileges.
  We shall install industrial cameras for main positions of the workshop. They can transmit video signals to operation room of workshop and the central dispatching room. Together with the DSC system, it can improve the work efficiency a lot.

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