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     The comprehensive auto-control solutions for chemical industry has following characteristics:
●Security---It fully takes the characteristics of chemical industry into consideration so that safety control systems with different security levels can be established. For example: explosion-proof type or spark-proof type can assure the safe production in chemical industry.
●Reliability---- It has Xinhua DCS as its main control device. Its Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) is over 200000 hours. It is enough to support the long-term safe operation of chemical devices.
●Advantages--- It has Xinhua DCS as its main control device. MES system which is developed according to  requirements of process manufacturer is adopted for the production and execution level. It can form a comprehensive auto-control system featuring multi-functions, high integration of information and practical application system and safety operation.
●Scalability---- Due to different customers' requirements, it is of high scalability. The customer can choose the solution based on PC control system, or integrated solution of control level, or enterprise-level solution.
●Openness--- Its network structure is mainly based on industrial Ethernet. It supports site bus –profibus—which is one of the international standards. The total structure is of good openness which means all control devices, inspection instruments, actuators or control system meeting with IEEE802.3 and Profibus standards can be integrated with Xinhua’s chemical industry solution so as to fully protect customers’ original investments.

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