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  Xinhua TiSNet series products, to a large extent,  satisfy the technical complexity and products diversity of steel industry.  The whole series covers all the steel producing processes control. Following is the introduction of the application of TiSNet series in the rotating furnace.The key point of rotating furnace control is the terminal control. which is to improve the hit rate at the terminal. As the refining time is very short for each furnace, the terminal control is very important. It mainly controls the terminal components and temperature.
    In the control system of steel-smelting ( in rotating furnace), oxygen blowing shall be completed in a very short time while the splashing amount being very small. Therefore, the control system for the oxygen lance position is very important. Following is a curve of oxygen lance speed control:

  Following is the image  showing the oxygen lance position and feeding system. It displays these two subsystems in one image so that we can see them at the same time. It is quite convenient for the steel works to supervise and control.

  Following is the picture showing the operation and control for primary dust-removing and coal gas recycling systems. After the whole system is put into operation, the static control of the steelmaking process can be achieved as long as preconditions of dynamic control can be provided.

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