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   Urban rail transport

  In 2000, Xinhua Group began to enter the rail transit industry and became a domestic pioneering company that accomplished the nationalization of power supervisory system applied to rail transit. The power supervisory system designed by Xinhua can accomplish the remote real-time control, supervision and measurement on all kinds of equipment of substations and overhead catenary network along a whole urban rail line. It also can deal with accidents and alarm events of supply & transform electric system and realize an automatic running and maintenance management. It improves the quality of power supply and transformation and assures the system to be safe and reliable.
     XISCS-100 is a large integrated supervisory system with independent intellectual properties launched by Xinhua. It can achieve a unified supervision and control over the running status of electromechanical equipment (including communication, signal, power supply, AFC, train, disaster alarm, escalator, elevator, water supply and drainage devices) and other related sub-systems as well as passenger service conditions. It can provide basis for the economical running, lower the consumption, increase benefits, and improve efficiency along with the service quality to the passengers so as to assure a scientific and automatic decision management for operating companies eventually. 


      Besides, by cooperating with competent foreign signal system suppliers, Xinhua Group launched a train operation control system which is based on communication (CBTC). We are dedicated to enhancing the nationalization and localization ratio of signal systems, improving the site service and trying to lower the cost of systems, projects and spare parts. 

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