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Products background

  Yaskawa electric (Kabushiki Kaisha) is transnational corporations with 90 years’ history. It mainly takes part in research and exploration of motor drive and control and has distinguished achievements in action control, robot automotive and systems engineering and so on.
  As the domestic biggest supplier of automotive control system and solutions, Xinhua’s products were highly praised in this industry with their good performance and site services. Early at the beginning of the year of 2000, Xinhua began to pay attention to Speed Converting of High-voltage Inverter in power plants and collected some related data and technology.
  With the improvement of inverter technology and components performances, Xinhua compared the prices and quality between foreign and domestic products, and became strategic alliances with Yaskawa Electric, who has high reliable and cost efficient products. After that, Xnhua became the exclusive system integration supplier in China. Meanwhile, Xinhua, together with the Electrical Engineering Department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, dedicated to the Design, debugging and maintenance of high-voltage motor inverter system in the mode of general contracting.

Characteristics summary

  Equipped with the most advance NO PG Vector Control Technology of Yaskawa Without PG (Speed Feedback Device), the inverter still can output high starting torque, and can respond to load fluctuation.
   high power factor, high efficiency reach better energy saving goal.The efficiency of the whole inverter system (transformer included) has achieved 98%, and the power factor is above 95%.
  Excellent adaptive capacity to environment, good quality and high reliability realized the stability of equipment.The Cabinet is of IP 50 (no dust in the cabinet)
  Little higher harmonics, no need of High Harmonic Filter Due to very little distortion of current and voltage, so the system can satisfy the high harmonic contaning of the power without high harmonic filters and other additional devices. Because of the very low surging voltage which can do harm to the motor, the inverter system can use the original motor and cable directly.
  Has the function of sudden off and on. When the power is shutdown and restore suddenly, the converter still can run stably.
  The converter is of maximum security design and simple operation and maintenance. It is no need to open the cabinet when changing the filter elements. The power unit combined the 3 sub-units together. This makes less wiring and simpler maintenance.



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