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·TiSNet-Remote I/O- Xinhua remote I/O
·Xinhua solution to Management and Control Integration ---MCTS
·Xinhua Distributed Real-time database ---XH-fS
·Visualized Graphic Configuration Software of TiSNet System --- OnXDC
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    Distributed Control System DCS
System introduction

  Based on many years’ successful experience in automatic control in fields of electric power, petroleum, chemistry, steel, paper making, cement, desulfurization, dust removing, and water treatment as well as technologies such as net communicating, computer, embedded technology, Field Bus, database, and multi-media , Xinhua Group improved distributed control technology, enriched the system contents, and launched TiSNet series (network-based automatic control systems) : TiSNet-P600、TiSNet-XDC800. The system is featured with function distribution and  centralized management. It is a wholly integrated, structure completed, function perfected and producing-process-oriented advanced process control system integrating data acquisition, process control and information management.


  TiSNet - P600 adopted I/O module of Xinhua 33 Series and had Xinhua Controller—XCU as its core, which is composed by Xinhua 32-bit CPU. It can form the DCS system of optical fiber ring net structure or star net structure according to the field environment requirements.
  The new generation of network-based automation control system launched by Xinhua Group―TiSNet-XDC800 Xinhua digital control system, is a high-quality distributed control system representing the characteristics of the fourth generation of DCS. 
TiSNet-Remote I/O- Xinhua remote I/O
  TiSNet-Remote I/O (Xinhua remote I/O) uses 32 series I/O modules. It is equipped with face-doored cabinet with IP56 grade. It is usually deployed near industrial sites and its working temperature is -20 ºC ~+60 ºC.
Xinhua solution to Management and Control Integration ---MCTS
  Given the enterprises’ increasing demands for the integration of management and control, MCTS was proposed accordingly by Xinhua . 
Xinhua Distributed Real-time database ---XH-fS
  Xinhua Distributed Real-time database is a large real-time database and history database developed independently by Xinhua Group.
Visualized Graphic Configuration Software of TiSNet System --- OnXDC
  OnXDC is designed specifically for Xinhua Intellectual process control System by Xinhua Control Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.
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