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China arranged the work for energy conservation and emission reduction of this year.2009-08-06 
The construction of Chengdu Metro Line 4 would be commenced this year, starting from Wenjiang and ending at Xihe.2009-08-06 
The planning of industrial adjustment and invigoration would be implemented extensively2009-08-06 
China ranked 4th in the global market of wind energy.2009-08-06 
National Bureau of Energy: A new plan of energy development is about to be staged.2009-08-04 
The macro-control of cement industry has been exercised since the state regained project approval rights.2009-08-04 
Iron and Steel Industry: Despite of the remarkable progress achieved, it’s still quite harsh not to lag behind2008-08-27 
Approval for 20 million-ton-oil-refining project of Maoming Petro-Chemistry2008-08-27 
The issue of “the centralized purchasing catalog of 2009 of Hebei province and the limitation of governmental procurement2008-08-27 
Beijing will not slow down the urban mass transit buildup after the Olympic Games2008-08-26 
Construction of ecological island; Shanghai put forward a number of new methods for sewage treatment2008-08-25 
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